Hi Everyone,

Today we implemented 3 incentive programs which are designed to reward players. The way in which you earn these rewards varies for each program, but here is a brief overview of each...

Invite Rewards: Very straight forward, you invite players to the discord server with your own invite link (instructions explained on the discord, #invite-rewards channel) and each invite adds to your total. These invites act as currency and you can cash them in for store credit and other rewards linked to each invite reward. Please note that invite rewards act as currency, they do NOT stack and do NOT expire.

Nitro Rewards: This program is designed for users who have Discord nitro (Must be the $9.99 a month subscription, Nitro-classic users ($4.99 a month) users are not allowed to access Discord's nitro boost feature. Boosting our discord server for a full month will reward you with $10 store credit, and each consecutive month you hold this boost the amount of store credit you receive will be increased by $2.50 (Maximum: $25). In addition to YOU receiving compensation for giving us your nitro boost, we will unlock amazing perks: animated server icon, invite background, vanity url, up to 150+ bonus emoji slots, and so much more.

Leader Rewards: Leaders of large factions and/or islands that span multiple servers can receive store credit for getting their members to play on Karismic MC. Specific reward details are available on the discord. Not every Faction/Island can apply for this program, there are requirements that must be met.

Dear Karismic Factions Community,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the mid-season update for factions season 1. This update has been in the works for over a month, and saying we are excited to release it is an understatement. This post is going to be extremely long, so if you want to pick and choose which sections you read, check the bullets directly under this paragraph.

Mid-Season Update:
  • Outposts
  • Spawner Tax
  • Honor Economy Revamp
  • EXP Economy Revamp
  • Miscellaneous Changes
  • Mid-Season Sale
  • New Store Packages
  • Mid-Season Giveaway
  • July 2019 Donation Goal

Outposts are essential to new-age factions. They are a capture the point style event that never ends. Yes, you heard me right; Outposts run 24/7/365. Your goal as a Faction is to capture an Outpost, and to hold it as long as possible. Along the way you will need to fight accordingly to the Outpost's limits, defeat the Outpost's Guardians, and fight other Factions. Once your Faction has successfully captured an Outpost, you will passively earn Outpost specific rewards such as: EXP Multipliers (Entire Faction), McMMO EXP Multiplers, Mob Drop Multipliers (Only when killing mobs/Entire Faction), Permanent Potion Effects (Entire Faction), and Miscellaneous Commands (Faction Leader Only).
  • To teleport to Outposts, you must open the Outpost menu (/outpost) and click on the Outpost's item. Factions controlling an Outpost you will warp directly to the capture point. Any Faction not controlling the Outpost will be teleported to a safe warp area above the Outpost.
  • Outpost limits do exactly what they sound like, they limit the usage of certain items at the Outpost. As of the mid-season update, possible Outpost limits are No Swords, No Bows, No Axes, No Golden Apples, No Enderpearls, and No Potions
  • When attempting to capture an Outpost, you must be in a Faction....
Hi Everyone,

For the release of the server, we set a donation go for 100$. This donation goal was obliterated within the first couple days, so we decided to set the bar higher. We set a new goal of 500$, and we are currently at $422.17. If we are able to reach the new donation goal by the mid season update (7/2/19) we will do a large giveaway including ranks, permanent god kits, season one tags, and a monthly crate.

Pre Mid Season Update:
Factions season one has been underway for around two weeks now and with that in mind, our next focus is on the mid season update. The mid season update is planned to introduce new content, but not to break or change any core game mechanics mid season. Changes to core game mechanics will be updated between seasons. The reason for this announcement is we wanted hear from our players, and see what YOU as the players want to see for the mid season update. We have plenty in mind, but our focus is to make the community happy. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reply to this post.

Patch Notes:
You can view the patch notes (change log) for the period spanning 6/2/19 - 6/14/19 by clicking the link below...
Dear Karismic Players,

With a successful starts to the revamped Karismic Factions, we wanted to give back to our amazing community by giving away rank key. Entering the giveaway is simple. Comment on this post in the following format, and the winner will be decided on 6/9/19.

when your first joined:
what you like about karismic:

Good look to all!

Hello guys. It has been a rocky start to season 2 and we were totally unprepared. With all the logistical problems and game breaking bugs we have decided to invalidate the two weeks of season 2, and have a fresh start with season 2.5. Due to that, we will be resetting the map and all player data. While Ftop rewards cant be given as of this moment, prepare for a multitude of giveaways and store discounts.
That aside, we have compiled all the changes we have made.

We have added some new Blacksmith pots which give debuffs but strong and worthwhile buffs. Also, a new high risk - high reward gambling function has been added. Another implementation is a death tax which has been calibrated fairly, with quests and a few minor changes.
Although we have some new features, unfortunately we have removed Koth/Envoy/Boss/Spawner crates. Moreover, Witch and Villager spawners have been removed with Soul and Mythical enchants. In addition to the removal, we have re calibrated outposts, boss loot, and envoy loot while implementing slightly stricter faction and staff rules and a whole myriad of quality-of-life to ensure full game play satisfaction.
In this half season we wish to focus on PVP and raiding. All changes however are still up for debate. Please DM me (Silk_Touch) on discord if you have any questions. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Heres a list of all the major changes you would like to know:
  • We added a death tax. Currently its 10% when you die
  • A new quests feature was added. You can complete daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal quests
  • Boss rewards were reduced. Also Bosses spawn every 2 hours, but 4 will spawn/
  • We removed Villager and Witch Spawners
  • We added Ingame money ranks. Starting from 1m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m
  • We changed what counts to ftop. Now Balance doesnt count.

A full list of the changes will be below.

Blacksmith pots
High risk high reward gambling
Death tax
Beacons to shop
Glass panes to shop
Bow to Harambe Gkit...
Hi all,
In this post I will detail all the changes that were made throughout the entire development process. I wanted to make a nicer post with colors and pictures but I don't have the time to do so. Below are all the changes....

  • Converted entire server from 1.12.2 -> 1.8.9
  • We believe after testing extensively that we fixed the issue with cannoning and raiding should be near flawless now
  • Flat bedrock in overworld, nether, and end (3 y-levels thick)
  • Overworld 10k x 10k, nether/end 5k x 5k (nether and end are also now flat)
  • Added enderpearl cool down (20s), and gold/god apple cool down (separate for each but, but both 3m)
  • Added REAL mob/crop hoppers
  • /alerts added (faction alerts... leaders can set up notifications on thing like login/logout, spawner mine/break for different tiers of members within the faction similar to f permissions)
  • To reduce lag, now all entities will stack. We are aware that this breaks certain mob grinders so to compensate for this the ENTIRE entity stack will die if the fall reason is BURN or FALL
  • When falling out of the void you will be teleported back to spawn (there is no real end so if u fall out of the void thats impressive)
  • Added /fps to aid with client side fps issues (can enable/disable things like tnt, dropped items, falling sand)
  • /tntfill <radius> <amount> and /tntfill <radius> full
  • Items can now have a max of 12 custom enchants in total. Each item untouched by any slot increasers will be allowed to hold 7 custom enchants. To increase your slots you will have to earn slot increasers in game to add some combination of +5 slots to reach your full 12 enchants on that piece of gear.
  • Added a 30 minute afk kick, afk pools are still allowed
  • Revamp on Envoy event
  • Revamp on Koth event
  • Revamp on crates
  • 3 new Bosses (Siren/Gorgon and Goliath. Siren/Gorgon are essentially the same boss but one drops a large amount of honor while the other drops a large amount of $. Goliath can't...
This post is going to be very brief, a more detailed post will come out later this week regarding the specifics of season 2. Some important things I wanted to let you guys know...
  • Season 1 will end 11/1/18 10:00PM EST
  • Season 2 beta will be held all day on 11/3/18
  • Season 2 will officially begin 11/4/18
  • Season 1 f-top rewards will be given out on the day of release for season 2, rewards will be given to faction leaders though discord after a short verification process
  • A detailed post regarding all the changes, future updates, and just what has been going on will come out sometime before the release (most likely during the beta)
I would again like to thank everyone who has invested time, money, and effort into making this community into what it is, I have big things planned for the future so I hope you all stick around.
Hello everyone!

We are really excited to release the new website, we have been working hard to improve the server and we believe this website is a huge improvement from the last. We thank everyone for their interest in the server, and we hope to continue providing you the best experience possible.

The Karismic Team