Hey everyone, here are the changes I made on Saturday 11/10/18. I will post the Sunday changes once I finish them. Thanks everyone for playing, it's been a really fun first week.
  • removed boss/spawner crate keys from king shop
  • items not burn in lava, igs no longer auto die or spawn on fire
  • reset everyones honor, reduced honor income from voting
  • adjusted wrath/greed outposts
  • significantly reduced boss dmg, no more thonrs on typhon, removed "CAGE" ability
  • buffed vote, ultra, legendary crate
  • added a 2 minute 30 seconds cooldown to /fix (donator perk)
  • added duels /warp duel
Here are all the Sunday changes, I apologize for the downtime!

  • added mythical(5m) and soul(10m)
  • added wings (lengedary - can fly in your OWN faction land)
  • added divine wings (legendary - can fly in your OWN + WILDERNESS faction land)
  • added deep bleed enchant
  • added corrupt enchant
  • added soul trap enchant
  • added assassin enchant
  • added shadow assassin enchant
  • added virus enchant
  • added ender walker enchant
  • added silence enchant
  • added reflective block enchant
  • added bidirectional teleportation enchant
  • added immortal enchant
  • added obsidian breaker enchant
  • added obsidian destroyer
  • updated curse
  • Fixed oxygenate Enchantment
  • Fixed decapitation Enchantment
  • Fixed headless Enchantment
  • Fixed obliterate Enchantment
  • Fixed epicness Enchantment
  • Fixed shackle Enchantment
  • Fixed execute Enchantment
  • Fixed farcast Enchantment
  • Fixed greatsword Enchantment
  • Fixed rocketescape Enchantment
  • Fixed arrowdeflect Enchantment
  • Fixed ragdoll Enchantment
  • Fixed detonate Enchantment
  • Fixed dodge Enchantment
  • Fixed longbow Enchantment
  • Fixed tank Enchantment
  • Fixed valor Enchantment
  • Fixed deathbringer Enchantment
  • Fixed rage Enchantment
  • Fixed armored Enchantment
  • Fixed planetarydeathbringer Enchantment
  • Fixed atomicdetonate Enchantment
  • Fixed masterblacksmith...
Hi all,
In this post I will detail all the changes that were made throughout the entire development process. I wanted to make a nicer post with colors and pictures but I don't have the time to do so. Below are all the changes....

  • Converted entire server from 1.12.2 -> 1.8.9
  • We believe after testing extensively that we fixed the issue with cannoning and raiding should be near flawless now
  • Flat bedrock in overworld, nether, and end (3 y-levels thick)
  • Overworld 10k x 10k, nether/end 5k x 5k (nether and end are also now flat)
  • Added enderpearl cool down (20s), and gold/god apple cool down (separate for each but, but both 3m)
  • Added REAL mob/crop hoppers
  • /alerts added (faction alerts... leaders can set up notifications on thing like login/logout, spawner mine/break for different tiers of members within the faction similar to f permissions)
  • To reduce lag, now all entities will stack. We are aware that this breaks certain mob grinders so to compensate for this the ENTIRE entity stack will die if the fall reason is BURN or FALL
  • When falling out of the void you will be teleported back to spawn (there is no real end so if u fall out of the void thats impressive)
  • Added /fps to aid with client side fps issues (can enable/disable things like tnt, dropped items, falling sand)
  • /tntfill <radius> <amount> and /tntfill <radius> full
  • Items can now have a max of 12 custom enchants in total. Each item untouched by any slot increasers will be allowed to hold 7 custom enchants. To increase your slots you will have to earn slot increasers in game to add some combination of +5 slots to reach your full 12 enchants on that piece of gear.
  • Added a 30 minute afk kick, afk pools are still allowed
  • Revamp on Envoy event
  • Revamp on Koth event
  • Revamp on crates
  • 3 new Bosses (Siren/Gorgon and Goliath. Siren/Gorgon are essentially the same boss but one drops a large amount of honor while the other drops a large amount of $. Goliath can't...
This post is going to be very brief, a more detailed post will come out later this week regarding the specifics of season 2. Some important things I wanted to let you guys know...
  • Season 1 will end 11/1/18 10:00PM EST
  • Season 2 beta will be held all day on 11/3/18
  • Season 2 will officially begin 11/4/18
  • Season 1 f-top rewards will be given out on the day of release for season 2, rewards will be given to faction leaders though discord after a short verification process
  • A detailed post regarding all the changes, future updates, and just what has been going on will come out sometime before the release (most likely during the beta)
I would again like to thank everyone who has invested time, money, and effort into making this community into what it is, I have big things planned for the future so I hope you all stick around.
Hello everyone!

We are really excited to release the new website, we have been working hard to improve the server and we believe this website is a huge improvement from the last. We thank everyone for their interest in the server, and we hope to continue providing you the best experience possible.

The Karismic Team