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    Introduction of whole house chlorine water filter:
    1. Material: body: impact resistance food-grade PP; inner: carbon water filter cartridge
    2. Size: A. 190*210*450mm B. 190*210*700mm
    3. Precision: 5-10μm
    4. Water flow: A. 4.0T/ H
    B. 6.0T/ H
    5. Hydraulic pressure: ≤ 8 bar
    6. Size for pipe: 1″
    7. Working temperature: 4—52℃
    8. Service life: 12-18months (according to the quality and usage of water)
    9. Package: including whole house chlorine water filter, plastic wrench, screws, carbon water filter cartridge, hanging board and a specification
    Applications of whole house chlorine water filter
    1. Connected after primary water filter, remove chlorine, odor and other small particles from water
    2. Second step of whole house water purification system, not only for drinking water fitration but also the protection of household appliances (eg: water heater)
    3. Water is purified by the product is good for bathing, washing face and washing clothes etc.
    4. Can be used in household, hospitality industry (eg: hotel), institution (eg: school) etc.
    Advantages of whole house chlorine water filter
    1. Environmental friendly, all materials are food-grade and lead free
    2. No electricity is needed (power saving)
    3. Do not produce waste water (water saving, would not pollute the environment)
    4. Can parallel connect another water filter for large coverage area
    5. It is easy to install, maintain and change the cartridge.
    6. Small volume, can be installed under sink (space saving)

    Why do I need a whole house chlorine water filter?
    1. Water works use chlorine to sterilize, however residual chlorine will make bad influence on people daily life. For example, there are THMS, DBPS, HAAS etc.in the water that is sterilized by chlorine. Those substances have high possibility would cause cancer. Because of its sharp aroma, residual chlorine will also cause respiratory disease and skin disease during shower. Therefore it is necessary to have a whole house chlorine water filter to absorb residual chlorine in the water.
    2. When fruit and cereal are washed, residual chlorine will damage vitamin and mineral substance in the fruit and cereal, which would influence on absorbing nutrition.
    3. Residual chlorine is more harmful to children, pregnant woman and old man.
    Notes of whole house chlorine water filter
    1. If you install whole house chlorine water filter only, water cannot be drunk directly.
    2. It is suggested to use with the combination of primary water filter and drinking water filter.
    3. It is suggested to change the filter cartridge inner once a year.

    Whole house chlorine water filter is tested by the following independently institutions:
    UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service
    NSF National Sanitation Foundation
    WRAS Water Research Adviory Scheme
    WQS Water Quality Association
    FDA Food and Drug Administration
    CMA China Metrology Accreditation
    ILAC-MRASILAC Mutual Recognition Accreditation
    CNAS China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment
    Installation of whole house chlorine water filterWATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM for sale