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    Dear Karismic Factions Community,

    It is with great pleasure that I present to you the mid-season update for factions season 1. This update has been in the works for over a month, and saying we are excited to release it is an understatement. This post is going to be extremely long, so if you want to pick and choose which sections you read, check the bullets directly under this paragraph.

    Mid-Season Update:
    • Outposts
    • Spawner Tax
    • Honor Economy Revamp
    • EXP Economy Revamp
    • Miscellaneous Changes
    • Mid-Season Sale
    • New Store Packages
    • Mid-Season Giveaway
    • July 2019 Donation Goal

    Outposts are essential to new-age factions. They are a capture the point style event that never ends. Yes, you heard me right; Outposts run 24/7/365. Your goal as a Faction is to capture an Outpost, and to hold it as long as possible. Along the way you will need to fight accordingly to the Outpost's limits, defeat the Outpost's Guardians, and fight other Factions. Once your Faction has successfully captured an Outpost, you will passively earn Outpost specific rewards such as: EXP Multipliers (Entire Faction), McMMO EXP Multiplers, Mob Drop Multipliers (Only when killing mobs/Entire Faction), Permanent Potion Effects (Entire Faction), and Miscellaneous Commands (Faction Leader Only).
    • To teleport to Outposts, you must open the Outpost menu (/outpost) and click on the Outpost's item. Factions controlling an Outpost you will warp directly to the capture point. Any Faction not controlling the Outpost will be teleported to a safe warp area above the Outpost.
    • Outpost limits do exactly what they sound like, they limit the usage of certain items at the Outpost. As of the mid-season update, possible Outpost limits are No Swords, No Bows, No Axes, No Golden Apples, No Enderpearls, and No Potions
    • When attempting to capture an Outpost, you must be in a Faction. If the Outpost is already controlled by another Faction, you must drain the capture percent down to 0% (Neutralizing the Outpost) before capturing it for your own Faction.
    • When an Outpost is Neutralized, the attacking Faction must fight the Outpost's Guardians. The Guardians vary in difficulty and it is recommended that you are geared accordingly and are not alone.
    • To receive rewards from an Outpost your faction controls, the Outpost must remain at 100% captured. Failure to maintain this percentage will result in loss of rewards, but as long as you control the Outpost you will warp directly onto it.
    • If your Faction controls an Outpost and it is under attack, all online Faction members will receive warning messages if they are not already at the Outpost.
    • Each Faction is limited to ONE Outpost
    • The potion effects earned from Outposts will only be applied if you either do not have the effect already, or the level of the effect is less than the one potentially received from Outpost.

    There are two Outposts being shipped with the mid-season update. The Enchantress' Hideout and the Lost Colosseum.

    Enchantress' Hideout
    The Enchantress' Hideout is an eerie, rundown castle. The Outpost puts an emphasis on EXP and custom enchant items, and limits the use of axes. The guardians of this Outpost are the "Cursed Skeletons". A group of 5 Wither Skeletons differently geared and with different attributes. These Skeletons have been Cursed by the Enchantress and will not allow you to capture their Outpost with ease.
    2019-06-30_16.52.23.png Screenshot_2.png

    Lost Colosseum
    The Lost Colosseum was once a well-known Colosseum home to many exhibitions, but is no more. It is overgrown and home to unholy rituals. The Outpost puts an emphasis on PVP bonuses and close quarters combat. The Outpost completely limits the usage of Bows, and the guardians are the "Undead Gladiators". A fierce group of Zombie Pigman who will not allow you capture the Outpost under any circumstances.

    Spawner Tax
    One of the major flaws this season has been the lack of raiding. This has been largely due to the fact that you can mine your spawners when you logout with zero repercussions. To combat this, we've implemented a 25% tax when mining spawners. This means that when you mine a spawner, you will be forced to pay 25% of its price or you will not be allowed to mine it. This tax is effective immediately along with this update.
    Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png

    Honor Currency Revamp
    Honor is a currency independent from the money economy that was intended to play a major role this season. We failed to implement the feature correctly, thus Honor having little to no impact. We have completely revamped how Honor works, is obtained, and what you can buy with it. This is the first of many updates to come to the Honor currency.
    • Quests have been removed completely
    • The Honor shop has been filled with new items
    • Two new custom enchants have been added, a legendary enchant called Honor which allows you to obtain Honor from slaying mobs. There is also a mythical version of this enchant, Divine Honor which amplifies the amount of Honor you earn per mob.
    • As stated in the introductory paragraph, this is the first of many updates to come to the Honor currency,

    EXP Economy Revamp
    The EXP economy has been stable this season, but the only complaint we've received is the lack of utility custom enchant items in the enchanter menu. We took this consideration to heart and revamped the enchanter menu to contain scrolls, soul collectors, ranomizers, and dust.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    In addition to the four major updates shown above, there have been numerous QOL and internal changes...
    • A new EXP placeholder has been created and added to the scoreboard. The old one didn't properly display EXP
    • Envoy rewards and the event in general has been nerfed
    • Boss rewards have been nerfed
    • Wither spawning has been disabled completely
    • Obsidian breaker issues have been fixed
    • The issue with name tags still showing despite having the invisibility effect has been fixed
    • Iron Golems no longer drop poppies
    • Fixed the /honor <player> command not working correctly
    • A 1.1x permanent EXP multiplier has been added to King rank (applies to all EXP gains and stacks)
    • A 1.25x permanent EXP multiplier has been added to Overlord rank (applies to all EXP gains and stacks)
    • Monster Eggs placed on top of spawners now correctly spawn on the middle of the spawner rather than the edge

    Mid-Season Sale
    To say the support we've received so far this season has been incredible is another understatement. Our expectations have been shattered, and we look to only go up from here. To give back we are including a 25% sale starting 6/30/19 5:30pm EST - 7/7/19 5:30pm EST. The sale lasts 1 week exactly, and each purchase will give EVERY online player a random key.

    New Store Packages
    With the month of June passing, we've updated the store with a new monthly crate and key bundle. The July 2019 monthly crate includes rare items with a chance of getting the June 2019 as a final item! The key bundle is the best key bundle yet, giving a guranteed rank key, 6x godly keys, and 8x legendary keys. In addition to the new monthly crate and key bundle, unbans/unmutes have been added to the store.

    Mid-Season Giveaway
    The mid-season giveaway will be held on our twitter! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is follow the instructions outlined in the tweet. You will have roughly a week to enter and there will be 5 prizes to win!
    LINK: https://twitter.com/KarismicMc/status/1145450688014618624

    July 2019 Donation Goal
    We set the bar high with our June 2019 donation goal. Despite the goal looking challenging, we've exceeded expectations and we want to carry that over into July. If we reach our donation goal again in July, we will do a large giveaway.

    This concludes the mid-season update for Season 1 of Factions. We could not be happier with how things have been progressing, and as a staff team we're all gas no brakes. Things will only get better from here and we will continue to work as hard as humanly possible to provide an enjoyable gameplay experience to you all.