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    Karismic Factions – Season 2


    As a 3 week-long maintenance break comes to an end in just a matter of an hour be ready for a drastically transformed Karismic Factions. Follow us on a journey, grinding your way through the 2-month-long action-packed season that we have installed for you; from weekly giveaways to bi-weekly faction top payouts, totalling to $600. Not only have we introduced new gameplay features but also a renewed and rejuvenated player base with a multitude of new factions pledging to be there for what is planned to be a record-breaking opening.

    What changes have been made:

    In the past month or I, along with the staff team, have been working overtime behind the scenes to keep the cogs turning in this massive machine. So, it is with great pleasure to finally release to the Karismic community the changes that will be put in place to help improve the gameplay and server satisfaction. The total of over 50 changes are split into 3 main categories – New Features, Custom Enchants, Miscellaneous. Which can be found below with varying detail depending on their significance. Due to there being so many new features/changes we've decided to compile a imgur album instead of posting the amount of pictures in this post that the album contains

    Miscellaneous changes:

    - New and unique spawn/warzone (thanks to Hawk)

    - Fixed name-changing issue where you would lose all possessions when changing your name through Mojang website.

    - Potions now run async.

    - Enabled / Allowed printer

    - Disabled McMMO double drops from mining, herbalism, and wood cutting.

    - Capped all McMMO skills at level 1000

    - Disabled health bar from McMMO

    - Revamped voting milestones

    - 10 second Enderpearl cooldown during PvP

    - 10 second Golden Apple cooldown

    - 60 second God Apple cooldown

    - Revamped all outposts

    - Mooshroom spawner price increased from 55k --> 3.5 million. (now drop gold ingots instead of standard mooshroom drops)

    - Top spawner faction top values adjusted (Villager – 5 million, Ghast – 7.5 million)

    - Removed barbarian from Titan GKIT Axe.

    - Modified peasant chat to light grey

    - Removed Quests/Ranks warps

    - Removed chunkbuster tier 2 from excavator gkit

    - Updated the soulgem look

    - Updated /withdraw and /xpbottle messages

    - Made bosses only spawnable on the summoning altar

    - Updated boss lore

    - Removed the underline from overlord vouchers/prefix

    - Tweaked boss rewards

    - Revamped envoy rewards

    - Revamped KoTH rewards

    - Sand gens price change 250 -> 500

    - Cobble/netherrack gens price change 500 -> 25


    - NEW Complete God Kit Revamp – To unlock a god kit, you must fight the Ancestral Guardian. Each god kit has a unique Ancestral Guardian. These guardians can be obtained in game through various ways, or on the store /buy. Defeating the Ancestral Guardian will either give you the items from the kit, or fully unlock the kit. A special type of Ancestral Guardian, the random Ancestral Guardian will spawn a random Guardian and the chance to fully unlock the kit is significantly increased.

    - NEW Vote party – Each time the community puts together a total of 150 votes, all online players receive a special vote party specific reward

    - NEW /vote party – a command that displays information about the vote party, like the number of votes you are on and how many until the vote party can occur

    - NEW /vote top – a command that displays specifically the top overall voters on the server, reach the top to become server famous!

    - NEW /fund – a new gameplay feature that encourages the community to put money into a communal fund in order to unlock new content throughout the duration of the season.

    - NEW /worlds – this command, when performed, showcases the different worlds that you are able to explore. Throughout the season new worlds may become unlocked that have their own pros and cons.

    - NEW /payouts – a command that shows you the paypal and buycraft payout dates and amounts (bi-weekly)

    - NEW Lightforged GKIT: A grinding focused kit featuring the inquisitive enchantment and random mob spawners.

    - NEW Crusader GKIT: A powerful set of armor with an equally powerful sword.

    - NEW Mimic GKITt: Gives 2 random god kits, with a chance at getting a 3rd.

    - NEW Barbarian GKIT: A barbaric kit with a very strong axe.

    - NEW Druid GKIT: A very powerful bow with random boss eggs. (2 guaranteed, chance at 3)

    - NEW Random Boss Egg Voucher

    - NEW Seasonal Rank – Demon (https://shop.karismicmc.com/category/20492)

    - NEW Outpost – excavator

    - NEW August 2019 Pandoras box (August Monthly Crate, purchasable from Karismic Store)

    - NEW Envoy/KoTH/Boss/Legendary/Karismic flares – all with separate features.

    - NEW Tags – Scrub, Ez, Master, King, Queen, RIP, Karismic, $$$, P2W, OG, L, Thot, God, REEEE, <3)

    - NEW FACTION UPGRADES – This season introduces 2 new faction upgrades: Member limit, and power. These two upgrades both have 3 tiers, allowing you to max out at 50 power per player, and a 75-man faction.

    - NEW SOUL GEMS – Last season, to put it lightly soul enchants were useless. There was no way to obtain souls and they wasted an enchant slot on your gear. This season we’re introducing soul gems. You can harvest souls from mobs with a custom enchant that is explained in the custom enchants section of this post. You then toggle soul mode by right clicking the enchant. You can combine soul gems of different amounts to create 1 gem, or you can split the gems by typing /splitsouls.

    - NEW /splitsouls – Use this command to split a soul gem

    - NEW /tps – Use this command to view the servers performance

    - NEW /tnttoggle – Use this command to disable tnt client side (helps with lag)

    - NEW /sandtoggle – Use this command to disable sand client side (helps with lag)

    Custom Enchants

    - Inquisitive/Master Inquisitive 5 added

    - Honor/Divine honour 4 & 5 added

    - NEW Soul Steal/Soul Harvest 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 added (Legendary and Mythical respectively)

    - RENAMED Wither – Wither Plating

    - Honor nerfed, Divine Honor buffed

    - Nerfed Wither Plating (old Wither)

    - Made autosmelt compatible with fortune

    - Made autosmelt compatible with Outpost and Mask ore drop multipliers

    - Made autosmelt compatible with telepathy (if inventory is full the drops are placed on the floor)

    - Made autosmelt override Silk Touch (if uou mine an ore with a pickaxe that has autosmelt and silk touch, autosmelt will work and silk touch will not)

    - Each custom enchant tier’s slot increasers now have different values


    As you can see from the complete overload of new content this season is on track to be one of the best yet. The economy being thoroughly reviewed, a reset map, and a fresh start this season will not disappoint. Make sure to enter in the giveaway ( https://socialman.net/c/h1T86 ) prior to the season release for a head start in the race to rule Karismic Factions !

    Important Information:

    Release - 8/10/19 4pm EST :hourglass_flowing_sand:
    Season Length - 2 months (8/10/19 -> 10/10/19) :calendar_spiral:
    600$ F-Top - ($300 PayPal/$300 Buycraft) :moneybag: :credit_card:
    Payouts - (Bi-Weekly, :first_place: $50 PayPal/$50 Buycraft, :second_place: $25 PayPal, :third_place: $25 Buycraft)
    Other - Weekly giveaways, Bi-Weekly events, and much more!


    Website: https://www.karismicmc.com/
    Faction Rules:
    Discord Rules:
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