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    As we near the end of a fun-filled decade, one in which the majority of memories for many were made, we begin to embrace the change that is inevitable, both in life and in our amazing community. As we conclude our private beta and wrap up development, we look to open the refreshed and renewed doors of Karismic Factions to the public. After weeks of thorough testing and months of deep development, we open KarismicMC with a multitude of new, engaging features, with the confidence and promise that this will simply be the best season yet. We are ready to embark on a new journey with our community, hoping to provide an intensified, exciting and ever-changing environment for players, and factions, to thrive in.


    The amount of changes that will be put in place at the start of Season 3 is astronomical. They include; significant rule changes, new enchants, new bosses, introduction of masks and addition of a new top rank, all hoping to affect gameplay in a way not yet seen within Karismic. With the great staff team working in conjunction with our hardcore player base we were able to rat out and fix what we hope is the majority of bugs in the economy and new content through the private beta, to help the season run as smoothly as possible. This season is one adapted to what our growing community wants and demands, with shorter seasons, more giveaways, more events, more sales, and most importantly, more fun.

    New Content:
    • Fixed Cannoning/Printer - We have purchased a new premium spigot jar which will greatly enhance the cannoning/printer performance, as well as server performance in general.
    • Upgradable Harvest Hoe - Every player will start with one of these and you will earn honor while farming cane. The upgrades the hoe has are: Sell Multiplier, Honor Multiplier, EXP Finder, Key Finder, Spawner Finder, and Engram Finder. The cane you mine while using this hoe contributes to your /canetop score.
    • Upgradable Sell Wand - Every player will start with one of these, you will upgrade it in 1% increments by spending honor.
    • NEW – Spawner Changes - Now, when you get a spawner, after the grace period, you will have to place it within the given time-frame (24hr). Failure to do so will result in you being unable to place that spawner, resulting in lost value.
    • NEW – Gkits (x4) (Necromancer, Masquerador, Demolitionist, Glacial)
    • NEW – Masks – Skull item that gives you perks ranging from pvp buffs to shop multipliers, obtained in-game through Masquerador GKIT or through random mask item achievable through in-game rewards. Can either be worn as an item or can be applied to a helmet. Masks can be removed by obtaining a Mask Remover and applying it to a helmet with a mask on it.
    • NEW – Bosses (x7) (Crota, Agukath, Atheon, Oryx, Calus, Zostras, Vorkoran)
    • NEW – Karismic Rank
    • NEW – Tags (Season 3/Winter)
    • NEW – Key Fragments (Turn 9 Key Fragments into 1 Key at /warp cayde)
    • NEW – COMMANDS - /claim – (one-time usable command that allows you to receive certain rewards depending on your rank), /fix, /feed, /ext – reduced to 30 second cool down
    • /f upgrades – (Damage Reduction, Damage Increase, Hunger Loss, mcMMO EXP Multiplier, Mob Drop Multiplier, Faction Warps)
    • NEW – ENCHANTS (x11)
    • Shuffle – Heroic, armour (when attacked you have the chance to shuffle your opponent’s hot bar)
    • Iron Arrows – Legendary, bow (arrows deal 2x damage to armour)
    • Hail of Arrows – Legendary, bow (chance on arrow hit to rain arrows down upon your enemies)
    • Ragnarok – Soul, armour (stops knockback during pvp)
    • Butcher – Rare, sword/axe (increases damage ahainst passive mobs up to 2x)
    • Hunter – Rare, sword/axe (increases damage against hostile mobs up to 2x)
    • Call of the Wild – Heroic, armour (chance to summon ravenous wolves to assist in combat)
    • Undead Conjuration – Legendary, armour (chance to summon an undead army to assist in combat)
    • Golem Strength – Heroic, sword/axe (chance to strike with great power knocking your opponent into the air)
    • Restore – Heroic, any item (chance to restore an item to half durability when item breaks, removes itself when done so)
    • Divine Restoration – Mythical, any item (massively increases chance of restore activating + brings item back to full durability)

    Full Changelog can be found at https://pastebin.com/9spvwCwy

    Rule Changes:

    - NO;

    o Alt Limit

    o Wall Removers

    o Hiding Value

    o Inappropriate nicknames

    o Automatic Farms

    o Regens

    - You can ONLY shoot a cannon every 4 seconds

    - Only 1 cannon box per raid

    - Maximum faction size increased to 25

    - Starting faction power changed to 50

    Season 3 Framework:

    As apart of management attempting to make Karismic the best version of itself, with the recommendation of many players throughout previous seasons, Season 3 will span across 3 weeks. With a week-long grace period, and 2 payouts, on the Saturdays (1/4 and 1/11) following this grace period. There will be numerous flash sales, up to 90% off selected items in the store, weekly giveaways, plus major event giveaways before going through a small server update at the end of the seasons before reopening for Season 4 in the weeks to follow. The season will run from December 21st (12/21), releasing 1pm EST, to January 11th (1/11), closing 1pm EST.

    Season Length:
    3 Weeks (12/21 - 1/11)
    Release: 12/21/19 1pm EST
    Payouts: $550 ($250 PayPal/$300 Buycraft)


    So, as we turn this corner in KarismicMC’s journey, we ask you to follow us on this mysterious road that we see laid out ahead of us and hope that you will have just as much fun as we do this season. Karismic Staff & Management teams from the bottom of their hearts, wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Important Links:

    - IP: play.karismicmc.com

    - Website: https://www.karismicmc.com/

    - Store: http://shop.karismicmc.com/

    - Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarismicMc

    - Discord Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g8gDSgXEnc2CE_swiix_jQq8P5zGP_9A22LyydxuQzY/edit?usp=sharing

    - Server Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1neh5luS8aNb43rHs1wlc1CjNa1TrS6Kk1hf-skPW2bA/edit?usp=sharing

    - Full Changelog: https://pastebin.com/9spvwCwy