[Announcement] 2v2 PvP Tournament: Friday, January 31st, 5pm EST

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    Jan 30, 2020
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    Hey Everyone!

    KarismicMC will be hosting our first event of the season. It will be a 2v2 PvP tournament. The Tournament will begin at 5pm EST on Friday, January 31st. The Tournament will consist of the following rules,

    - Only two teams are allowed from each individual faction (4 Players total)
    - No-Debuff Kit will be provided, speed and health pots
    - It is SINGLE elimination

    The following prizes will be issued to the faction that has the winning team.
    - 1st Place Team: $25 Buycraft
    - 2nd Place Team: $15 Buycraft
    - 3rd Place Team: $10 Buycraft

    If players are found to be leaving their current faction and creating a new one in order to gain more slots for the tournament, each team from the original faction will be automatically DISQUALIFIED and will receive 2 WARNING POINTS against their faction.

    If more than two teams from your faction apply, the FIRST two applications will be taken. There will be a bracket created for the tournament which will be posted 1 HOUR prior to the start time of the event (4pm EST) in discord NEWS channel. You must sign up for the tournament by 3pm EST FRIDAY to be added to the bracket.

    To sign up for the tournament, post a ticket with the following format in our DISCORD

    (First Line) 2v2 TOURNAMENT

    (2nd) Your IGN:
    (3rd) Partner's IGN:
    (4th) Faction Name:

    BOTH members of your team MUST register by posting a ticket. If only one ticket is received from one of the members, you will NOT be added to the bracket.