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    Hey everyone,

    I want to start by thanking everyone who participated during Season 4. It was a record season in all aspects and we could not have done it without everyone involved, from the players to staff. Next, I want to apologize for the lack of announcements. The staff team has been hard at work, and I truly mean we have been hard at work. We worked really hard to improve the server based off of feedback given from Season 4 and previous seasons, plus some extra QOL changes. This season, although the change log is not the most flashy it contains crucial changes that will set the groundwork for future seasons of Karismic Factions. With all that being said, below you can find this seasons important information and a complete change log.

    ➜ Release: 2/22/20 3pm EST
    ➜ Payouts:

    F-Top - $500 (TNT Week)
    #1: $150 PayPal/$150 Store Credit
    #2: $100 PayPal
    #3 $50 Store Credit
    #4 $30 Store Credit
    #5 $20 Store Credit

    C-Top - $50 (Grace Week)
    #1: $25 Store Credit
    #2: $15 Store Credit
    #3: $10 Store Credit
    ➜ Length: 2w/14d (1 week grace 2/22 - 2/29, 2 week TNT 2/29 - 3/7)
    Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)

    Note: This change log is subject to change at anytime prior to 2/22/20 3pm EST (LAST EDITED 2/17/20)

    ➜ New Anti-Cheat with enhanced hacker detection precision (does not conflict with printer)
    ➜ Removed 2h Fly Voucher from king shop
    ➜ mcMMO has been completely disabled for PvP, mcMMO is still fully enabled for PvE
    ➜ Reduced max F-TNT Bank sizes (Default: 100k, Level 1: 500k TNT for 500k$, Level 2: 1m TNT for 1m$, Level 3: 3m TNT for 5m$)
    ➜ Reduced Creeper TNT drops from 3-6 -> 1-2
    ➜ Reduced Witch Gold Ingot drops from 3-6 -> 1-3
    ➜ Flying in enemy territory is no longer allowed
    ➜ Spawner place and Faction shields are no longer disabled 24h prior to payout
    Entirely new ruleset that corrects the vague and incomplete rules previously included
    ➜ Added a CAPTCHA system that will be used to test bots when you are farming cane, killing mobs, and fishing. There is a cooldown between CAPTCHA checks. Failure to complete a CAPTCHA (you have three attempts and 15s) will result in your account being jailed as its flagged as a bot. Successfully completing a CAPTCHA will reward you with Honor. If you are hit while attempting a CAPTCHA, the CAPTCHA will immediately be cancelled and your inventory will be restored
    ➜ Significantly reduced the % chance for the Key/Spawner Finder Harvest Hoe upgrades to proc
    ➜ Removed Pig/Chicken/Sheep/Cow spawners from the Spawner Finder drop table
    ➜ Adjusted Spawner Drop Table %s to accommodate the new loot pool
    ➜ Players who are factionless and have been afk for longer than 10 minutes will be automatically kicked
    ➜ Reworked /printer so that it can only be used in wilderness/your own territory. We are very grateful to those who helped decorate the spawn last season with water/lava buckets
    ➜ Decreased the Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Cane sell price by 25%
    ➜ Decreased the Cane buy price by 25%
    ➜ Made Cactus UNSELLABLE
    ➜ Fixed typo on the store showing duplicates commands in the Titan/Karismic ranks
    ➜ Increased the fix sign price at spawn from $5,000 -> $10,000
    ➜ Moved the Outposter (Click to claim outpost rewards you missed while being offline) to /outpost
    ➜ Buffed Faction Bundles based off of feedback from the previous season regarding Trench/Tray radius
    ➜ Brand new spawn thanks to our fantastic Sr. Mod and Builder - Hawk0364
    ➜ Spawners are disabled in wilderness claims, they must be inside of a Faction claim to work
    ➜ Reduced Spawner Expire time from 36h -> 8h
    ➜ Genbucket Rework: Genbuckets are now psuedo (go through air, water, leaves, grass, and blocks of the same type), You can't use gens while an enemy is within a 32 block radius, Horizonal Gen distance has been increased from 32 blocks (2 chunks) to 64 blocks (4 chunks), Verticle Gens are now called Scaffolds and generate up instead of down, this is to prevent users from getting caught in the generation while keeping the generation cancel mechanic
    ➜ Genbuckets are now printable (i.e. - You can use them while in /printer)
    ➜ F-Top Rework: Significantly improved performance, Shows % change of Faction value between updates, Updates hourly and broadcasts when doing so. When a Faction is overtaken by another Faction (in terms of value) it will be broadcasted, Progressive Value - only spawns that have been placed for more than 24h will contribute to a Factions value (Progressive F-Top in combination with Spawner Expire will greatly enhance the no-hide experience)
    ➜ Updated Staff on the forums and Staff group colors to more accurately reflect the rank colors in game
    ➜ Increased the price of Creeper spawners from 750k -> 1.5m
    ➜ Added Sandbots - Limit of 3 bots per Faction, Bots gen sand every 0.25s directly underneath sandstone blocks within a 12 radius (as long as the bot has funds to do so), right click the bot to open the control panel where you can add money, remove the bot, and toggle its placement on and off. Available in game for $5,000,000 each, on /buy, and added a chance to obtain a Sandbot from the Cannoner GKIT
    ➜ Upgraded the server with a higher ranked CPU and 2x the previous RAM
    ➜ Fixed the Obsidian Destroyer enchantment
    ➜ Removed ability to use sethome commands in enemy territory
    ➜ Sell Wands will now attempt to add TNT to your Factions TNT Bank if you are in a Faction and your F-TNT Bank has space. As much TNT as possible will be added and the remaining will be sold. If you are not in a Faction the TNT will just be sold. This is available on all Sell Wands and the amount of TNT banked is completely independent from the wands sell rate. (A 75% SELL WAND WILL NOT BANK 75% OF THE TNT, IT WILL BANK 100% OF IT. A 125% SELL WAND WILL NOT BANK 125% OF THE TNT, IT WILL BANK 100% OF IT)
    ➜ Reduced the max sell rate of the Sell Wand included in the Peasant Kit to 100% (1x)
    ➜ Deleted support discord channel, no one uses it
    ➜ When you die you are now automatically respawned 1s later
    ➜ Reduced CAPTCHA cooldown by ~66%
    ➜ Removed summon ability from Atheon boss due to poor entity performance with our jar
    ➜ Increased combat tag duration from 15s -> 30s
    ➜ Tested and confirmed that you CANT use /shop while in combat - Updated the Seasonal Crate from Winter to Spring, and changed the rewards
    ➜ Nerfed the Demolitonist God Kit: Its guaranteed rewards now contain a Random Flare instead of an Envoy Flare, KoTH Flare, and Boss Flare
    ➜ Created a February2020 Pandora Box (available on shop.karismicmc.com)
    ➜ New KoTH arena thanks to @Hawk0364 that will greatly enhance the PvP aspect of the event
    ➜ Increased KoTH max runtime from 60m -> 90m
    ➜ Increased KoTH capture time from 3m -> 8m
    ➜ Edited the KoTH broadcasts and messages
    ➜ Replaced all passive spawner drops (pig, cow, chicken, sheep) from Bosses and replace them with a Spawner Key Fragment
    ➜ Added /report in game to improve the rate at which rule infractions are investigated

    We hope you are excited as we are for the release of Season 5. If you have any questions regarding the change log or season please reach out to myself or any member of the staff team on any of our platforms (Website/Discord/Twitter).