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    Hey everyone,

    We hope you are as excited for our 6th season of Factions as we are! The team has been hard at work over the last week fixing bugs reported to us during Season 5, and adding new features. In this post you can find a detailed breakdown of the season, including a showcase of significant new features as well as a full changelog. This is a different style of changelog than I usually post, so I would appreciate some feedback on it.


    Release: 3/14/20 3pm EST


    F-Top - $600 (TNT Week)
    #1: $200 PayPal/$200 Store Credit
    #2: $100 PayPal
    #3 $50 Store Credit
    #4 $30 Store Credit
    #5 $20 Store Credit

    C-Top - $50 (Grace Week)
    #1: $25 Store Credit
    #2: $15 Store Credit
    #3: $10 Store Credit

    Length: 14d (1 week grace 3/14 - 3/21, 1 week TNT 3/21 - 3/28)
    Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)


    Upgradable Mob Swords
    This is a feature that I have personally wanted to add for quite some time now. Factions is extremely repetitive, and my goal is to try and keep the gamemode as entertaining as possible without effecting core mechanics. A feature that has received overwhelmingly positive responses are our upgradable harvest hoes. However, farming cane can become boring very fast when every server has a cane eco. To combat this, along with our new economy we have introduced upgradable mob swords. The swords are obtainable via the Peasant Kit, which means they are COMPLETELY FREE. All you have to do is farm mobs and upgrade the sword with Honor. If you want to find out more detailed information regarding the swords, you can view the eco sheet for upgrade prices/rates and the full changelog below for more specific information regarding the item.

    Economy Rework
    One of the most important things for a server is a solid economy. We have struggled with this for quite some time now, and truly believe that this economy is one that we will build off of. The ENTIRE economy has been updated, and we encourage you to take a loot at the spreadsheet before the season begins to view: buy/sell prices, spawner prices, mob drops, and genbucket prices.
    ------> Economy Sheet <-----

    Potion Bets
    As promised since Season 1, Potion Bets are finally here! Visit the Bard NPC at spawn or type /potionbets to view the selection. You can purchase non-alcoholic beverages for a 45% chance to DOUBLE your money, or the alcoholic counterparts for a 33% chance to TRIPLE your money.

    - Added Potion Bets - Purchase special drinks by typing /potionbets (alternatively you can visit the Bard NPC at /spawn). In this menu you can purchase 7 different tiers of drinks priced at: $5,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000. Each tier has a non-alcoholic and alcoholic version. Non-alcoholic beverages have a 45% chance to double your money, but the alcoholic versions have a 33.33% chance to triple your money. The non-alcoholic drinks in ascending order are: Water, Grape Juice, Smoothie, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Red Bull. The alcoholic drinks in ascending order are: Beer, Wine, Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, and Vodka
    - Replaced the Harvest Hoe/Sell Wand chat messages (when finding an item with the hoe or selling/banking with the wand) with action bars to reduce chat spam
    - Added new stats that are tracked by Harvest Hoe items: EXP founds, keys found, spawners found, and engrams found
    - Added new stats that are tracked by the /pstats command: mobs killed, fish caught, and play time
    - Fixed the queue plugin - Connects a player every 1s, will help prevent lag spikes when massive amounts of players connect at once
    - Increased unbreaking levels on all all /kits, /gkits, and KoTH armor to match their Protection level (this change was only applied to armor that already had unbreaking, unbreaking was not added to any of the lower end kits. To put this in simple terms, if the kit has armor with Protection 5 it will also have Unbreaking 5)
    - Economy - The $ Economy has been reworked, in addition to spawners and mob drops. You can view the new economy, spawner prices, and mob drops by going to the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JE4yYxOweykGiTjP47FGqTn4BtoiG5Xr-iUanlyXe5c/edit?usp=sharing
    - Upgradable Mob Sword - Added new mob swords which can be obtained via the Peasant kit. These swords are very similar to Harvest Hoes, the only difference is you use them to kill mobs. The sword has the following upgrades: Drop Multiplier, EXP Multiplier, Honor Multiplier, Book Finder (Custom Enchants), Pouch Finder ($/Honor/EXP), and Mask Finder. You can't hit other players with the sword. You can't apply vanilla enchants or custom enchants to the sword. You can't use the item in an anvil. The sword is unbreakable. You receive 2 Honor per mob kill (before Honor Multiplier). You can view the sword upgrade costs and rates on the
    - Economy spreadsheet, the mob sword tab is located on the bottom of the page https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JE4yYxOweykGiTjP47FGqTn4BtoiG5Xr-iUanlyXe5c/edit?usp=sharing
    - When redeeming a kit (kit != gkit) commands are now given first
    - Removed fully upgraded Harvest Hoes/Mob Swords/Sell Wand, Random Spawner, from the store
    - Increased the Golden Apple cooldowns to: 120s God Apple and 45s Golden Apple
    - Envoy Rework - Removed all spawners from envoy besides random spawner. Added hoppers/creeper eggs. Removed the cooldown between collecting crates. Increased the amount of envoy chests from 10 -> 20. Envoy locations are now random, scattered throughout the area immediately below spawn. You receive 1-3 items per envoy crate
    - Corrected lore typo on honor/exp pouches
    - Removed old spawners from rewards: crates, vouchers, envoy, koth, ftop, etc.
    - DDoS protection provided by TCPShield
    - Updated the economy sheet to include genbucket prices
    - Edited Spring crate rewards
    - Added sharpness 6 to mob swords (reminder that pvp is disabled with them). This will allow you to instantly kill a blaze with a sword hit assuming you crit (flying will allow you to always crit)
    - Rule update: You are not allowed to spread value out across multiple bases. This includes making multiple watered sections inside your base
    - Removed suicide command unlock, karismic flare, legendary flare, and god kit unlock from the king shop
    - Added new enchant books to the king shop for 50k Honor: Depth Strider III, Knockback III, Punch III, Sharpness VI, Protection VI, Efficiency X, and Unbreaking X
    - Added seasonal God Kit unlocks to the king shop for 250k Honor
    - Updated the king shop to display prices in comma separated format (e.g. - 5,000,000 instead of 5000000)
    - Made command unlock vouchers seasonal
    - Added a new base bundle to the store
    - Removed random god kit unlock from Karismic /claim
    - Added screenshots/videos to the god kits/crates listed on the store so you can preview before you purchase
    - Updated broadcasts visually, and reduced the timer to 60s between auto broadcasts
    - Updated starting balance to 1k
    - Reimplemented CAPTCHA with a new chance system and disabled the mob check when killing unstacked mobs (bosses/guardians)

    Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the server. Whether you have donated or are just active on any of our platforms, we appreciate each and every one of you. We hope you continue to choose Karismic as your server to play, we have big things in the works. Lastly, good luck to all the Factions participating during Season 6.

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