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    Hi all,
    In this post I will detail all the changes that were made throughout the entire development process. I wanted to make a nicer post with colors and pictures but I don't have the time to do so. Below are all the changes....

    • Converted entire server from 1.12.2 -> 1.8.9
    • We believe after testing extensively that we fixed the issue with cannoning and raiding should be near flawless now
    • Flat bedrock in overworld, nether, and end (3 y-levels thick)
    • Overworld 10k x 10k, nether/end 5k x 5k (nether and end are also now flat)
    • Added enderpearl cool down (20s), and gold/god apple cool down (separate for each but, but both 3m)
    • Added REAL mob/crop hoppers
    • /alerts added (faction alerts... leaders can set up notifications on thing like login/logout, spawner mine/break for different tiers of members within the faction similar to f permissions)
    • To reduce lag, now all entities will stack. We are aware that this breaks certain mob grinders so to compensate for this the ENTIRE entity stack will die if the fall reason is BURN or FALL
    • When falling out of the void you will be teleported back to spawn (there is no real end so if u fall out of the void thats impressive)
    • Added /fps to aid with client side fps issues (can enable/disable things like tnt, dropped items, falling sand)
    • /tntfill <radius> <amount> and /tntfill <radius> full
    • Items can now have a max of 12 custom enchants in total. Each item untouched by any slot increasers will be allowed to hold 7 custom enchants. To increase your slots you will have to earn slot increasers in game to add some combination of +5 slots to reach your full 12 enchants on that piece of gear.
    • Added a 30 minute afk kick, afk pools are still allowed
    • Revamp on Envoy event
    • Revamp on Koth event
    • Revamp on crates
    • 3 new Bosses (Siren/Gorgon and Goliath. Siren/Gorgon are essentially the same boss but one drops a large amount of honor while the other drops a large amount of $. Goliath can't fight back but is very tanky and drops large amounts of honor and $)
    • New Artifact crate (artifacts are basically ability bows, they have various cooldowns and do all different things. read the descriptions on the item by left clicking the crate at /warp crates)
    • Fixed the buy more shop function
    • Killing someone with a bounty has a 50% chance to drop their head
    • Most spawner prices remain untouched, but top tier spawners have been changed. Iron golem spawners cost 3m and drop iron ingots. Villagers cost 5m and drop diamonds. Witches cost 10m and drop emeralds.
    • Adjusted shop prices, added in new stuff
    • 3 new raiding rules. 1 corner chunk claim 2. max 20 buffers 3. no full auto cannons
    • Converted all GKITs to the new custom enchant plugin, everyone should have access to their gkits, if you don't contact any staff and we will get you set up for the new season
    • All tags, cosmetics, ranks, and purchased permissions should carry through to the new season... if there is an issue with anything not carrying over let a staff member know and we will help ASAP
    • NO items from season 1 will carry over into season 2
    • To begin season 2, there will be a 1 week grace period of no raiding and no /fly. I am considering even permanently removing /fly, but I will wait to hear player feedback.
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    Whiches drop 10mil and emeralds wow