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    KarismicMC Staff Application

    Please do not ask staff to check your application, it may result in it being denied.

    Need help with your application? Check out the application guide.
    If the guide doesn’t answer your question, please ask a staff member for assistance!​

    Staff Requirements
    》If you have a ban or a mute you must wait for it to be lifted before applying.

    》 Be an active member on the server, forums, and discord.

    》 Have a Discord account

    》 Have a working microphone

    》 Be able to fluently speak/write English.

    》 Have a general knowledge of Factions mechanics and commands.

    》 Be able to record in-game if needed.

    》 Be familiar with general staff commands.

    》 Be able to be an active staff member.

    》 Have at least 5 posts on the forums.

    》 Have not received any severe punishments (Threats, Racial slurs, etc.)​

    Application Template

    Basic Info:

    What is your In-Game Name?

    What faction are you currently in?

    What is your discord? (name#1234)

    How old are you?

    What timezone are you in?

    Are you multilingual?
    What languages are you fluent in...

    2) What encouraged you to apply for staff on KarismicMC?

    3) How can you benefit the server?

    4) Do you have any staff experience?
    If so, please go in-depth with what kind of situations you faced and what tasks you handled as a staff member.

    5) What kind of reputation do you feel you have on the server?

    6) How active can you be on the server, discord, and forums daily?

    7) How much experience do you have with playing Factions?

    8) How well do you work with others?

    9) What do you believe is the main/overall role of a staff member?

    10) Why should you be chosen over other applicants?

    11) Have you ever been muted or banned on the server? If so, please explain the incident.

    12) Anything else we should know?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.